Studio Paula Ulargui is a personal and creative textile art project. All the designs and materials have the same aim: a physical and direct reconnection with nature to raise awareness of the undeniable urgency of climate change and the need to rethink our consumption model and our impact as a society. A change that will undoubtedly only happen with the help of everyone: artists, brands and consumers.

The industry has been using the same fabrics and materials for years and this is where the challenge of sustainability lies. Thinking twice about the materials we use as creators/designers can make a big difference and this is why this field have become my main area of interest: researching innovative, alternative, ephemeral and, of course, sustainable fabrics.

Related to this, over the last few years working in fashion and collaborating with brands, artists, influencers and textile labs around the world, I have come to realise something very important that is often undervalued: the crucial role of the designer and artist in this change. This power is often unrecognised by the young artists entering the working world. We have much more power to make a positive impact than we realise. Through simple details such as the way we dress, we set the trends that society follows. Our updated vision of the world has been and will continue to be at the forefront of what society needs to move forward: messages, inspiration, identity, relationships, art and AWARENESS. ...... And I put that last word in capital letters because it's the foundation of any useful and meaningful change. it shouldn't just be about our "know how" but also our "meaning to". What are you creating "for"?

All these backgrounds and reflections feed my project. This is my message as a designer and artist: to collaborate with nature to create pieces that, although ephemeral, speak of life, beauty, balance and evolution, like life itself: values that we need to integrate as a society.

I think it is time to look for new answers in an industry that I love. The future we are heading towards involves integrating different disciplines of art and science so that new solutions can emerge from their fusion.