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︎       MUTUALIST NATURE       ︎
Research project

Mutualism is the biological interaction between individuals of different species, in which both obtain benefits for their growth and improvement. This cooperation is what is established by the miscelium, the set of small roots that make up the body structure of fungi, with plants. Such miscelios are being investigated in many fields: from the aerospace industry to the textile. The fungus, the largest living being on earth, has a really wide and exquisite offering in colors, shapes and species.

Although its growth is complex, its qualities are infinite and within all the species that nature harbors, the miscelium stands out for its ability to lean on other species, helping each other in order to grow stronger.

The purpose of this research was to find out if it would be possible to innoculate and grow different species of mushrooms on fabrics to create a garment with them.

After more than 10 different experiments, varying substrates and inoculation techniques.
I managed to inoculate and grow Oyster mushroom, a  very resistant and strong mushroom,
on various fabrics and substrates of natural fibers and without the use of cal.


This Research is still in process