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︎       SYMBIOTIC NATURE       ︎
Research project

The term symbiosis is used to speak of a close and persistent biological interaction between organisms of different species.
This research tries to grow plants in different fabrics, studying those seeds that could be grown in this way and their needs for light, temperature, water in their life cycle. Equally important has been the aesthetic part, selecting those plants that are more attractive because of their colour, one of my highest priorities.

Textile patterns have also been essential, selecting among all of them, not only the most beautiful, but those that facilitated the growing process and had specific characteristics to keep the plans alive as long as possible.

The achievement was to offer to those who wear these garments the experience of nature in its first stage of life. I wanted to make these garments a second skin, a continuation of the wearer's own biology, a direct connection between two organic bodies of different species.