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  ︎     ROUNDCOUTURE       ︎


is a research project that I directed in collaboration with seven other designers, artists and professionals from different sectors. The major goals of the project are the following:


Researching on the creation and manipulation of bioplastics and biomaterials that can serve as substitutes for silicone, latex, resin and many other harmful plastic materials used in the industry today.

It is during the creation process of bioplastics when one realizes about the thousands of possible combinations that the recipes offer in terms of color, texture and shape. The fact that it consists of an easy, DIY process available for everyone has resulted into a flourishing culture, where people share their experience with bioplastics in a collective mission to make it viral. This movement inspired us to explore the great potential of these materials, and to emerge them into the world of high couture fashion.


Creating, with the help of MediaLab Prado and its equipment, a series of garments as exquisite as those we see today on “haute couture” catwalks. Nevertheless, with a major difference: creating them out of 100% natural and/or biodegradable materials, with a high level of sophistication that only new technologies and digital design techniques allow for.


We want to prove with this project that sustainable fashion can be as sophisticated, innovative and beautiful as some of the designs of the current high couture industry, making it an appealing choice. In addition, we want to show the world how easily these new materials can be implemented into the clothing industry. Last but not least, we want to share our work to encourage and inspire new artists and designers to continue researching and working towards this promising future.